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PRESS RELEASE: Jesus Solorio Calls for the Resignation of ICC Chair

Jesus Solorio Calls for the Resignation of Illinois Commerce Commission Chair Carrie Zalewski - End of Corrupt Machine Politics of Micheal Madigan, JB Pritzker, and Chuy Garcia
Chicago – Jesus Solorio, candidate for Illinois' 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, called for the resignation of Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman Carrie Zalewski and the end of the corrupt machine politics of Michael J. Madigan, JB Pritzker, and Chuy Garcia.
“Only in Illinois, can the largest utility in the state, Commonwealth Edison, plead guilty to a scheme to bribe the Speaker of the House, Michael J. Madigan, and both the Speaker and his hand-picked person to regulate Commonwealth Edison Carrie Zalewski whose close family are connected to the scandal, continue to have the support of Governor Pritzker," said Solorio.
"There are real consequences -- in this case dramatically increased rates for consumers already struggling with their bills -- when politicians like Chuy Garcia and JB Pritzker cut back-room deals with Michael Madigan," according to Solorio. "The cronyism, nepotism, and backroom-deals have to end. Madigan and Carrie Zalewski must resign."
"Given what is at stake -- utility rates of millions of Illinoisans -- we deserve more than empty assurances. The public deserves to know the full extent of Zalewski family's involvement in this criminal conspiracy to defraud Illinois utility customers out of hundreds or even billions of dollars. The US Attorney raided her father-in-law's house and subpoenaed employment records involving her husband and possibly herself. Have Carrie Zalewski and her husband retained, or consulted, a criminal defense attorney? Have they been interviewed by federal authorities? Have they had personal items like phones or computers seized by federal authorities? The public deserves to know if Carrie Zalewski and her husband are targets, or subjects of the investigation, or possible witnesses. These questions deserve more than Carrie Zalewski's word. They require her resignation and an independent investigation."
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